How To Buy Tickets To Kiev From New York Quickly

How To Buy Tickets To Kiev From New York Quickly

When searching for tickets to Kiev from New York or to any other destinations, one has typically the following options:

  • going to the physical office of a ticket-selling company (for instance, at the airport terminal from which the airline carrier operates the flight);
  • calling a travel agency on the phone;
  • accessing the website of an online flight aggregator or an airline carrier.

Given today’s realities, it is most likely you would end up buying your tickets to Kiev from New York online – most people with a minimum of digital literacy would view it as the most convenient method, allowing them to examine the information calmly and choose a suitable flight. In fact, even a travel agent operating by phone at some point would send you an online form that needs to be filled and submitted, albeit, it is true that you would also likely receive assistance in the process in order to clarify all potential arising issues. This might give some peace of mind if you are uncomfortable with online purchases. The downside is that, given that these travel agencies are reselling the product offered by airline carriers, commissions apply.

What Information One Needs To Have Handy When Buying An Air Ticket

The very important details one needs to be ready to specify on any website or to any travel agent when purchasing the tickets are the following:

  • the departure and arrival cities (New York and Kiev in this case);
  • the type of route you are looking for – a one-way trip, a two-way trip (the second type normally helps you save a lot, regardless of the destination), or even a multicity trip if Kiev is only a transient destination;
  • the travel dates for one or both directions. Many websites or travel agents would ask you to specify how flexible you are with regard to these dates. The more flexible you are – the greater the chances that you’ll find a suitable option. In this context, keep in mind that weekend prices are usually higher than prices from Tuesday to Thursday, which are normally the lowest prices during the week. Thus, a flexibility of plus minus three days can make a big difference;
  • the number of passengers and their exact names. If you intend to buy a ticket for multiple passengers, it is a MUST that you gather in advance the information about the name of each passenger exactly as it appears in the identifying document used for travelling –  a single misspelled letter can lead to denied boarding for the respective passenger;
  • the age of the passengers. Note, for instance, that infants of less than 2 years get to travel with huge discounts on most airlines. It is a good idea to mention the age group of all passengers, especially if there are seniors or children.

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