How to Get Over the Fear of Flying

How to Get Over the Fear of Flying

Have you ever felt anxious on the plane, especially when the plane was taking off? There are a lot of people, who feel extremely uncomfortable while being on the plane. The fear of flying (aviophobia) is one of the most common phobias ever. It makes the experience of traveling on the plane unpleasant and struggling.

If you have this phobia, you know all of the symptoms well. Very often the fear of flying becomes so difficult to overcome that the passengers can’t enter the terminal without taking medications before. Even the idea of being inside the airport makes them break out in a cold sweat. So, if you don’t want your anxiety to affect your life, you have to learn to overcome it.

7 Tricks to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Traveling by plane is the most convenient way of reaching the destination. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Follow the recommendations below to lose the fear and travel by plane to your heart’s content.

  • First of all, you have to realize that flying is completely safe. Believe it or not, but the chance to get into a car accident is million times higher than the chances to get into a plane crash. Official statistics prove that.
  • Prepare yourself for the flight in advance. While being still at home, think about you arriving at the airport and getting on the plane. Rehearse the whole process of going through the check-in and passport control procedures too. The more you rehearse it while being at home, the less your anxiety will become.
  • Try to understand what exactly scares you. Is it a check-in process? Or is it the excess luggage? Identify what scares you most during the whole flight, including the check-in procedure.
  • Come to the airport early. Don’t allow yourself to be even more stressed out because of the fear to miss the flight or not to find the right gate on time.
  • Distract your attention while being on a plane. Don’t take the window seats. Instead, get the aisle seat and use the method of positive distraction when you do something positive to distract yourself from thinking about the flight. Read your favorite book, listen to music, look through the photographs on your smartphone, or take a nap. Many planes have WiFi on board, so you can check Facebook or Instagram as well.
  • Put on a sleep mask and listen to music or audiobook. Cover your eyes with a sleeping mask and wear headphones, even if you don’t want to sleep.
  • If you’re afraid of turbulence, understand what it is. Usually, people are afraid of the things they know nothing about. So, if turbulence is the scariest thing during the flight, read about it, get to know and understand what it actually is. To make a long story short, it is something similar to what the boat experiences on the waves, going up and down. Turbulence is a pretty normal situation during a flight. It is not going to bring a plane down.

Hopefully, these seven tricks will help you to overcome the fear of flying too. Definitely, try some of them during your next flight.

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