TSA Approved: What You Can & Can’t Bring On Board

TSA Approved: What You Can & Can’t Bring On Board

There are a lot of things you should know before heading to the airport. One of those things is what you can or can’t put into your carry-on luggage on the plane.

TSA officers confiscate items from people boarding planes across the country every day. In most cases, the passengers are not aware enough of what can be taken and what can’t be taken on the plane. If you don’t want the same situation to happen to you and your carry-on bag, read the recommendations below. Know exactly what you are not allowed to take with you on board. Or be ready to say goodbye to your favorite, but not TSA approved items.

Things You Can & Can’t Take in a Carry-on

Though the main rules about what a passenger should keep or remove from a carry-on bag are the same, some things change from year to year. The size of a bag and the number of bags can change depending on what airline you’re traveling with. But the rules about what can be brought to the plane are the same for every company.

  • Electronic devices. All of us have electronic devices, which we definitely want to take on board. But the rules for traveling with electronic devices have changed recently. You can take with you everything from a smartphone to iPad and laptop. What has changed is that those devices that larger than a smartphone have to be taken out from a carry-on and placed inside a bin for a separate x-ray control. So, don’t pack a laptop, an iPad, a camera, a blood pressure, or an electronic book on the bottom of a carry-on bag.
  • Leave knives at home. You’re not allowed to take knives of any size with you on a plane, including sharp items in a manicure kit. Hammers, darts, and potential threat objects like a knuckle clutch, which is very trendy at the moment, are not allowed too. A knuckle clutch is not a purse for TSA officers. It is a potentially dangerous object, which can’t be taken into the cabin of the aircraft.
  • Don’t wrap the presents. If you’re planning to put a gift for someone in a carry-on bag, don’t wrap it. Put it in a gift bag instead, in case the officers need to look further into the present.
  • Liquids are the most questionable item. How much can you take? And how to carry it properly? To avoid any misunderstanding, get a special clear TSA approved makeup bag in any online store you like. Then, pack it with the content of one liter maximum. That’s what allowed. One bag only for each passenger. Every single item in the bag shouldn’t contain more than 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces), including toothpaste, shampoo, gel deodorant, lip gloss, etc. The same way is with the medications. Get a transparent TSA approved bag for them too.

To save your time, check the full prohibited items list before reaching the airport. Make sure you don’t take anything that can be questionable. Thus, the chances are you will get through security much quicker than those who take items, not recommended by TSA.

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